August 16, 2017.  5 days until The “Energy Eclipse.”


The energy between the full moon on August 7th and the Total Solar “Energy Eclipse” on the August 21st is an incredibly powerful time for intention setting.

This is the time when you either use the energy that is happening, or let it use you.

It’s better to work with it consciously.

It is important to control fear during this time. Easier said than done? Perhaps. But often our fears are simply raised energy that we turn into fear. If you feel fearful today, stop. Instead of calling what you feel, “fear” pause for a moment and call it “big energy” instead. Sure, you might have good, seemingly logical reasons to fear something right now. But stop for a moment and rather than thinking of fear, just feel the energy.

Like the sun behind the moon during a solar eclipse, there is powerful light and energy behind what seems to be darkness. We inherited a fear of the eclipse. We can accidentally translate that into action in our present life that appears completely unrelated. That is how illusions fool and control us. Remember, we can be conscious of the energy behind what is going on right now, and use it, or it will use us.

Don’t let fear use you, even if you think it is reasonable today. Instead, just for today, stop calling the energy “fear” and call it “energy” instead. Pause and feel the energy. If the energy is too exciting or energetic (it is the Energy Eclipse revving up, after all) use some of the other tools below.

Remember, be conscious of what the energy is, use it, and control or direct it. That is what you want. Control and apply the energy in this simple way today.

The time is counting down, and the energy is ramping up. Let’s use it!

Here are a few resources to help you make the most of the Energy Eclipse:

Live Energy Eclipse Gathering

I will be hosting a live event on the evening of the eclipse to help people firmly set intentions into action. This will be an extension of the Full Moon event we gathered for, where our group set intentions using symbolic magic, sound vibration and the energy of the full moon. Join us on August 21st near Phoenix Arizona. Seating is limited; be sure to RSVP.

Bowlvana Singing Bowl Music

Bowlvana Singing Bowl Music helps calm you, integrate the energies, and attune to cosmic energies from the inside out:

Personal energy work

I do personally work with people long distance and one-on-one in person, for those who sincerely want to work on themselves and with this (and other) energies. I love helping people to get synched up to their path, and unlock their wonders within. You can message me for more information about that at

You can learn more about the physical aspects of this rare eclipse on August 21st, 2017 HERE.