“I didn’t foresee it happening.”

What? A psychic didn’t foresee himself in an upcoming car accident? He couldn’t even tell his own future?

Of course not. He’s not a psychic.

He’s not a fortune teller, either.

Here’s what he really is…


The press called him a “psychic.”

But that’s not what he calls himself. Ask him and he’ll say, “I’m a medium.”

What’s the difference? What are the distinctions between a medium, a mentalist, a psychic, a Tarot reader, a personality reader, someone who is telepathic, someone who claims to see auras, and the like? Who do you call when you want information or entertainment? Who do you trust, and how do you choose? Let’s take a look.

A mentalist is someone who does things that appear to be mind reading in some way or another. The mentalist might claim to use body language, or NLP, or be psychic, or telepathic. In all cases a mentalist by today’s standards is a performer. Some use real intuition and influence methods, but most mentalists use the illusion of mental abilities. They represent something that they cannot do consistently in a performance by illusion.

A psychic often says they can see the future. Now, some psychics are really mentalists in disguise. Some psychics fool themselves. Other psychics might have real abilities, but they cannot usually control what they will see and when. This is why mentalists have to use additional tools of illusion to help them in a performance.

A medium or channel says they allow other people or energies to work through them. They may channel specific beings or energies. They might use mentalism tools or be a mentalist in disguise. They might open themselves up to any number of inner alternate personalities, or perhaps they channel something from a person, living or dead. That’s right. Mediums don’t just channel dead people. They may tune into other people who are still alive. Mediums have to be very careful not to be self-delusional or self-deceptive. They do not claim to be giving advice or telling anyone the future. If they appear to do so, they will tell you they are channeling someone or something else who are claiming such insight. Their personality is not involved.

A telepath or Mind Reader claims that they can tune into the thoughts of others. Actually, we all do this in one way or another. Reading, writing, hearing people speak to us, is a way of sharing what is in one mind with another mind. Telepathic people, or Mind Readers, may say they can do this without anything that can be perceived outwardly. You probably spend a lot of your life looking at people and realizing what they are saying, despite what their words are trying to tell you. In a sense we all read minds. It is a matter of how we do it, and how accurately, that is debatable.

I have met people who are complete frauds in the mental arts. Some of them write very popular public books. They don’t believe any of what they say or write. They laugh themselves all the way to the bank. I know mentalists who are complete and vocal atheists. I also know mentalists who believe in what they represent with mentalism. They say that while mental abilities are a part of their own personal experience, it is impossible to reliably demonstrate these abilities on demand in an artificial situation, like a performance. That’s why they use illusions too.

I walk with a foot in both worlds. I have taught mentalists and readers the world over how to perform great mental demonstrations, and how to evolve their own perceptive abilities. I am all too aware of the many fakes and frauds that exist in the world. I am also very aware of the cynical who can be just as preachy and prejudice as those they live to expose. I have had numerous experiences and encounters that cannot be explained well in current scientific terms, but can be easily explained within the context of esoteric Mystery principles. I value the lessons I have learned from both sides of mentalism, both skeptical and esoteric.

When I do readings I do not predict the future of people. We look at symbols, talk together about what these symbols suggest in their life, and consider how things could be changed for the better. We use symbols similar to awake dreaming. We talk about the images and what they mean to each person. I don’t tell people what to do. We talk together and I let them know things they might need to work on within themselves. Then I give each person an image or few symbols to focus on, so that they can empower and change their own lives in the future.

When I perform, I do indeed pick up on intuitive things and speak them out loud. I also perform tricks that represent my life experiences. To me, that is what art does in performance–it represents an artist’s particular worldview and experience.

In all cases, whether it is personal work with clients, readings, music, writing  or mystery performing, my goal is always to help people connect to something greater within themselves.

So you see the “Arizona psychic” would not have known about an accident ahead of time. He isn’t a psychic. He is a medium. That’s what he claims.


This is the point where I would usually let you know how you could work with me. What? You didn’t see that coming?

Whether or not you are psychic, I know for a fact that you have great inner abilities. I don’t have to be a psychic to know that. I’d love to help you develop what you have within you.

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