Love, Suicide, and Why We Need YOU

There are many people struggling with staying on this planet right now. I am going to be bold and post something about that here. I sent this response (edited) to someone who was struggling with being on this planet. I thought we might help more people by sharing this with others. So here goes:

Years ago in a popular audio teaching I stated that many people were successful but unhappy because they were loved for playing a part and not known for who they were. I suggested then that people begin branching out and being more as they really are. To dare to be loved for who and what they are within, rather than outside presentations.

Find ways to let the real you out. It isn’t about others knowing a name. That’s ego.

It isn’t about acting crazy. That’s the subconscious run amuck.

It’s about others knowing your TRUE soul and your heart. That’s about healing and real magic.

You may not be able to get to where you want to be instantly. But you can begin right now to make steps in that direction. The more you do so, even in little ways, the better you will feel, and the better the world will be for having your soul active in it.

We need you here, believe me. Just look at this world. We NEED you. We need YOU. Please work towards being and sharing that real you within, even if it is only step by little step, inch by inch.

Others might disagree, or disbelieve what you know within your heart. That’s fine. They need to get clear within themselves and share their real selves too. Don’t let others stop you from sharing your true heart and inner value.

We NEED you. You are a part of us all. Please be who you really are, little by little, if need be. Let the Best You out into this world, because we all need that.

Playing a part is one thing. Playing from your heart is something else entirely. BE and then do. The people who need you, you may never meet, but they will hear you, and feel you, and know YOU. That will change them for the better too.

Let the Real You out, don’t let your personality leave this planet because it is too frightening to be who you really are deep within on this planet. You are the way you are at your BEST WITHIN because THAT IS NEEDED HERE.

Step out and step up, on this plane. Don’t leave us when we desperately need your gift to the world.


Kenton Knepper


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