People who have been coming to me for help lately have had common issues.

They say that they feel an emptiness inside, a vortex, a loss of their true self, or their soul. I say they are suffering from a feeling of being disconnected to their best Self, or to Something Greater than their personality.

More and more these days I hear from people who have this sense of dullness and depression. They are losing hope. They are wondering if everything is pointless. They cannot see how things can change for the better unless everything gets much worse first.

I work with people in many ways, but of course sound and music are important tools of mine.

Using sound and vibrational attunement to help others, I began to notice a new pattern. As I placed Tibetan singing bowls on people to help them, one special signing bowl stood out as the needed vibration for people right now. This vibration has to do with people feeling connected to higher levels of consciousness.

You might think that a Love vibration would heal things or make this sort of connection possible, but it wasn’t working for my clients and friends. People who came to me for help could not feel the Love vibration the way they usually would. They failed to be moved by other vital vibrations too. That concerned me greatly. What did work for each of these people was the healing vibration of connecting to Something Greater than themselves.

People are suffering right now from a lack of connection. They feel walled up. Everyone from highly self-empowered typically successful business people to intuitive artists with down-to-earth practical approaches were suffering from the same thing. They needed to feel more connected, and dealing with people, business, or thinking more, wasn’t helping.

So, if you feel disconnected, out of sorts, rather hopeless, unsure how anything can possibly work out, feeling as if you have a huge pit in your stomach, or heart, or worse, and you can’t think it all away, you should know you are not alone. Not at all.

In fact, it seems almost as if there is an epidemic going around. People are feeling at loss with their soul, their better self, their sense of God, or Spirit, or the Universe, their sense of inner worth, or Real Self. Whatever you want to call it, people are feeling disconnected to something Greater than themselves.

Even patriotism, an election, winning, making more money, getting more, doing more, thinking more, being more emotional, isn’t helping. Like vibrational tones, or singing bowls, most of the things we have and know don’t seem to be working. We’re feeling broke inside and we need a fix, not by a person, place, government, drug or thing. We seem to be needing a single vibration. We need to feel reconnected to Something Greater than our mere personality and all of its issues.

A single tone cannot fix everything either. A single tone however has helped people more than any other recently to connect to Something Greater. That’s why I made ringtones using this special tone, in hopes I could help some of the people I could not work with in person.

Admittedly, working with people in person, directly with individuals, allows for more transformation than a ringtone or two can offer. But these ringtones can help you begin to shift and make a start. That’s a step in the right direction.

I decided to share the ringtones for free to everyone who read this blog. Then, sadly, I found out that websites and companies didn’t like that idea much. They simply wouldn’t allow it.

I wasn’t going to let them stop me from getting these vibrational ringtones to you. So, I zipped these ringtones into two zip files and hid them in this Blog. See the links below. Download and unzip them. They’re free, Don’t ask me technical details as to how to do that, or how to put them into iTunes, or on your phone or whatever. I am not a tech person. Do a Google search for answers or contact your favorite tech guru for help with that part. What I can do is give you two very different ringtones that contain the single vibration people say has been most helpful to them lately.

There isn’t any upsell, marketing catch or anything else. Until tech people find the way to bypass the regulations and get these on my websites to you for free, this Blog is the only way I have of getting my ringtones to you at no cost. You can spread the word about this page to others, if you like.

I sincerely hope these ringtones help you shift, and that you begin to feel more connected to that place within yourself that is connected to all.

Kenton Knepper


Shift Ringtone 1


Shift Ringtone 2