Magicians and mentalists question many things. They ask for loads of answers. But if I were to tell you one of the greatest secrets, it would be this one:

People care more about you connecting with them than they do about your ego.

Sure, many people like to be fooled by tricks. There is plenty of trickery going on in everyday life these days. Magicians and mentalists are no longer unique in being clever in how they fool others. The Public is becoming more aware of this fact, all the time. So what is going to make you different from the daily diet of trickery?

The one thing you need to know how to do, more than a billet switch, peek, force or equivoque, is how to deeply connect with others.

That is the biggest secret of all performers in legitimate art. Whether it is the movies, painting, music or theatre, the real arts know they must somehow connect to their audience. Sure, there are dull people that can only handle special effects as a plot, but that is not true for most people. Some special effects are fine, as long as the effects are being used to help emotionally or mentally move the audience too. Classic films like the original Star Wars had new special effects for its time, but what makes the film endearing and enduring is that it is about the conflict within each one of us. It is the dark force versus the forces of good, and the mystical notion of whether their is “The Force” at all.

Beauty, skill, amazing people, all have their place. These alone however do not make for deep audience connection. You have to know secret ways to subtly, indirectly, connect with your audience.

You do not have to tell long, drawn-out stories, preach to people about your beliefs, or lie to your audience. You do not need to be a phony, a fake or a fraud. 

What you do need to be able to do is to connect with your audience, whether that is one person or thousands of people.

Legitimate art does that. For magic and mentalism to be deemed art, they have to connect and move people too. Magic and mentalism have to make people question the status quo, look for deeper meaning, relate to real life problems and consider internal doubts.

The good news is that this deep connection is not difficult. When you learn proper principles to apply to your tricks, they stop becoming tricks, and start becoming art.

Principles such as Association, Suggestion, Indirect Meaning, Allusion, Creating Open-ended Meaning, all work together to establish strong emotional and intellectual connections with your audiences. These principles, when correctly understood and used, allow audiences to find their own meaning and understanding. You get audience rapport by secretly making people find their own meaning that they can relate to, no matter what trick you happen to be doing.

This is why I encourage performers to learn principles, as well as tricks. You can learn one principle and turn a hundred mediocre tricks into gold when you know how.

If you want to create genuine amazement, not just superficial ego inflation, get people to love you, not just be impressed by your skill, make lasting impressions on people, as well as freak them out, then you need to learn the secret principles of indirect influence and meaning.

Begin learning about the right use of the principle of Association. Understand the deeper levels of Suggestion, Indirect Meaning and Allusion. Add just one or two of these principles to your favorite effect, and watch how quickly and dramatically your trick turns into something important to others.

Begin today to think about how you can make your tricks into something more meaningful to others.

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I would say, “I hope this helps” but the truth is that I know that this will help. It can change everything for you, once you know how.

So stop waiting for the answers, or wondering how to connect. Use these principles and make it start happening today! Whether you learn these from me or others, start properly applying these tools. You will be amazed at what happens, and how people respond to you, when you do.

Kenton Knepper