There was a time when mentalism and magic was not taught openly.  The Public could learn some tricks to pull on each other, but the real work was hidden away.

Today, it appears that the real work and the latest wisdom is shared openly, borrowed or stolen.  This of course is not at all true, but it is true enough to fool most of the Public.

When I was shooting a live lecture in Ohio for Penguin Magic some years ago, a beautiful woman at the front desk of the hotel where I was staying asked to see some magic.  I obliged, and then went on my way to do the live lecture.  When I returned late that night the woman motioned me to come see her.  She informed me that she had dated a magician before.  She claimed she had seen many magicians come through the hotel, and they too had performed for her.  When a magician would leave, she would use Google and Youtube to learn exactly how they did the tricks she had just seen.

“You are really, really good.  You are not like the other people.  I found your name everywhere, but no one correctly explained on the Internet what I saw you do.”

Of course not.  Most things magicians and mentalists buy today, including books and electronics, someone exposes on youtube or sells as a cheap download.  The Pubic has access to everything, from the greatest massive illusions of all time, to the most complex sleight of hand possible.

So, what can we do?

In ancient times, Mystery Schools were not just places to go to get autographs, meet cool people, and learn some performing approaches.  Originally Mystery Schools were places for those ready to learn greater secrets than could be taught or communicated in ordinary ways.  True Mystery Schools work on many levels at once.  A neophyte could imagine the teachings were about some superficial knowledge to show off, but they would later realize that this information held something far more powerful.

The old Mystery Schools were held in secret.  Not everyone could get in.  Revealing a single idea or secret meant expulsion from the School.  You would never learn more from that School once you were expelled from it.  Those who would steal and share the secrets from a Mystery School could never truly do so.  Anything stolen was devoid of the real power behind the material.

One might hear of such Mystery Schools, but few thought themselves worthy to attempt to apply.  In Tibet, for instance, you might have to climb the Himalayas three times, in the bitter winter, before you might, maybe, be accepted.  Lamas and Wizards are notorious for making people ask three times before considering any student, and those are the lucky students.

Today, mentalism and magic is filled with nonsense, and you probably know it.  You keep buying more nonsense hoping that this time the secrets will be as good as the youtube trailer.  You are often disappointed.  People keep threatening to take their teachings away and keep them safe for those who are sincere, but few magic and mentalism dealers would do that.  Everyone is too busy selling to each other.

Do real Mystery Schools exist, that teach on many levels at once, and keep material secure, so that only sincere students can get those secrets?

Of course. Not many, but there are a few.

Naturally, these are hidden by the clamoring of the marketplace.  You constantly hear of “membership programs” which have to do more with commerce than anything like a Mystery School.  But that is exactly what true Mystery Schools depend upon for cover.  The smart would-be student has to weed out all the nonsense and find the few real Schools and membership offerings that exist.  Sorting that out in this day and age is like climbing the Himalayas.

I am telling you all of this, so that certain people who are wise and can take hints, will be able to follow the hints.  Mystery Schools are openly displayed, but few can find them.

So when people ask me why I am not putting out much more material, why so much of my material is no longer available, why more of it keeps becoming unobtainable, you have your answer.  These materials, and much more than can ever be shared openly, are kept for sincere people who work directly with me in my Schools.  The things you think you know of mine have more to them than you can know outside of my Schools.  Those who join the memberships to my Schools say that they cannot explain how or why, but they are learning more than what is openly taught.  Yes, it is mysterious.

That is how real Mystery Schools work.

You know that Wonder Words taught you many things, on many levels, at once.  Now multiply that by at least one hundred, and you get an idea of what members of my Schools get, over time.

I cannot spell out for you in words what members in our membership programs really learn.  Members obtain things they cannot easily explain.  They get secrets and abilities they know can never be exposed.  Members themselves, even highly skeptical ones, discover that in time, they have acquired more than can ever be revealed.

That is how I am doing my part to protect mentalism and magic.  If you read this over a couple of times it will answer the many questions you have had about me, what I am doing now, and where things are going.

On the outer Public level it is true that members of my membership programs get extra tricks, methods, secrets and ploys I have never published anywhere else.  Members get a lot of material first, and they get material that members only can obtain.  But that’s not all they get.  Members get things that can never be taken from them, which cannot be explained or exposed.

Mystery Schools are not about making the mundane world more interesting, although that does happen.  Real Mystery Schools transform lives and perceptions.  They empower members in ways no outer thing could.

So it is metaphorically true, as well as actually true, that Mystery Schools were taught in secret caverns.  Those caves exist within, and you need a steady guide, with many secret maps, to guide you through. That’s what my membership programs really are, and now you know as much as I can tell you from the outside of them.

If you are ready for more than what everyone else has, sells or shares, I hope you will join us in our Schools through our membership programs.

Ask current Students if all I say here is true.  They will likely tell you that I am underplaying their experience, and that they cannot explain it all either.

That’s what real Mystery Schools do.

To consider which Schools are best for you, please look into details at the links below.  Yes, you may join more than one at a time.  Yearly members get two months free. Commitment to a School deserves some credit in my view, so you pay less when you join for a year.


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I look forward to meeting you wise, ready and willing people in our Schools this year.

Kenton Knepper