Many years ago I couldn’t do a reading if I had to do one to save my life. I had plenty of psychological concepts and experience, but I still feared doing “psychic readings”.

This drove me to develop original psychological reading systems that could look like psychic readings, or psychological ones, as needed.

There are those that jumped on the bandwagon and sold DVDs about psychological readings, but few had real psychological backgrounds or decades of real world performing experience. While people selling ideas to others imagined their systems were clever and seemed psychological enough, many psychologists quickly saw through this bluff. “Expert mentalists and readers” were called out by people who knew a little something about psychology.

In entertainment, you want systems that are unique and not something everyone and their uncle is using. You naturally need surefire systems that will work without a lot of effort. You also want systems that are based in strong psychological truth, so you don’t look like an idiot to someone with an education. That is why I developed my systems to work with strong, legitimate, psychological principles, while keeping symbolism and arcane appearances at the forefront. Audiences and clients could believe that what I was doing was “psychic” if that is what they needed to experience, while more skeptical people could view my readings as useful psychology, if that is what they preferred.

I am often told that fake psychological readings are far better than fake psychic readings. The argument is that it is better to make people believe in psychology than psychics.

I disagree. I don’t think you need to fake people out at all. 

Why not use real psychological principles that help people?

That’s what I do, just in unusual and entertaining ways. You can too.

Most of the novel original systems I use in readings remain hidden except from close students. In an effort to help many people attempting to find my psychological/psychic readings systems, I am logging links below.

This should help you find the often difficult to discover systems, so you can compare them, and find the ones right for you:

ESP DRAW AND READ PSYCHOLOGICAL SYSTEM is a legitimate psychological tool used as a visual reading with symbols we all know. Click HERE for more information.

GEMSTONE HAND READINGS is a psychological version of palm, finger and stone readings. Click HERE for details.

PENDULUM PROGRAMMING  launched a lot of imitators, but this original work uses actual, reliable, psychology. It also helps people reprogram themselves. Click HERE to learn more.

THE CLASSIC S.A.R. SYSTEM is the original “doodle” system which psychologists have affirmed as legitimate. Unlike the made-up systems, this uses secret psychological tells to work. Learn more HERE.

S.A.R. CARDS AND READINGS is a downloadable set of images that allow you to read people using psychological visual tells. Real psychology at work in art. Get details HERE.

SYMBOL READING AND REPROGRAMMING is a tool I have used to help clients with personal issues and confidence building. It also has a section on how to use these principles in performance. Click HERE.

COLOR SQAURE READING SYSTEM uses real psychology of colors and order to produce accurate psychological readings. Learn more HERE.

TOLERAD READING SYSTEM with modern and arcane psychology. Too unique to try and detail in a blog. For serious readers and students. Find out more HERE.

ENNEMATIC SYSTEM uses classic types, additional psychological tools and Wonder Words to make realistic personality reading profiles. Includes Certification. Click HERE for details.

EYE ATTEST mixes real psychology with a popular online puzzle. More information on this system HERE.

By no means are these links to everything I have developed and used as psychological readings, but these are the ones most people miss or find hard to obtain.

In an effort to help you get more of the real psychological material I use in readings, I am allowing all of these systems out again. This blog page will help you find and get the systems you have been missing. I cannot promise that these links will remain active. If you find the systems you want, get them now please. If a link leads to nowhere, it is because I decided it was time to stop allowing access to that system already.


The main point of all of this is that you should indeed incorporate psychological readings in with your mentalism or other readings.

You do NOT need to make readings appear to be “psychic” to be popular. Many people appreciate psychological readings.

You will find other psychological readings in WONDER WORDS of course, as well as in the Mind Reading Membership.


Understand that when you use reading systems for entertainment you make a real impact on the lives of those you meet.

This is why it is vital that you are working with real systems that can help people, not merely mess with their minds.

I cannot state that firmly enough. Please reread those last two sentences.

I hope this helps you in helping others, as well as yourself. That is what it is all about in my view. It is not enough to merely entertain with lies.

You now have more than enough proper material to find true psychological readings systems that fit you, your style, and your audiences.

You now have access to obtain some of my more hidden systems.

Make them work for you, and for those you work with as well.

Kenton Knepper


P.S. These works are for Mystery Entertainers. I have versions for non-performers as well, but the links here are for mentalists and magicians, or life coaches who incorporate mentalism into their personal work.