Looking at Facebook you might reach the conclusion that magicians and mentalists are people who make a lot of inside jokes, and don’t care about anything, really.

Looking at online dealers, you might believe that magicians and mentalists only want superficial things.

If you look at chat groups, you might think magicians and mentalists are a bunch of people who whine, argue and yell over nothing important, perform mainly for themselves or video, and only sell to each other.

If you watch youtube, you might think magicians and mentalists can’t keep a secret to save themselves.

Is this honestly what magicians and mentalists want?  Not really.

When I speak to magicians and mentalists, they have many of the same concerns that pros do:  How do we make mentalism and magic seem like something more than just tricks?  How do we get people to respect magicians and mentalists the way people respect other entertainers?  What do we have to do to make magic and mentalism deemed worthy of art?

Sure, some beginners want cool tricks they can do with no talent, and no practice, to impress people with no effort.  But those types are pure beginners and they will grow up to want more, no matter what their age or profession.

At some point, people who play with magic and mentalism find these lacking.  People build up their personal reputations a little using tricks, but they still feel empty.  Next, these people buy a lot of expensive tricks hoping that this will solve their empty feelings. When that doesn’t work, they quit playing magic and mentalism.  Neither approach solves their feeling of lack.

There is a third group of people, more rare and exclusive.  This third group decides they want to feel better.  They want their mentalism and magic to mean something.  They want to feel admired for who and what they are, not just the tricks they do.  This third group finds ways to get personalized help.  They take on a mentor, go to extended workshops, or join a group with a longstanding name in the Mystery Arts that guides the membership.

Mentalism and magic is not all camera tricks, youtube video performances, or selling the same methods over and over to each other.  Those who feel something is lacking in their mentalism and magic, who do not quit, or turn away from their inner disappointment, are the people who become real mentalists and magicians.  These are the people who are remembered for making a difference to mentalism, magic and audiences.

Magicians and mentalists are not superficial or lazy.  Yes, some people may appear that way.  But eventually those playing with mentalism and magic either quit out of boredom or the need of practice. Those who stay in, grow to the next level.  People begin to realize buying more tricks isn’t the answer.  Those who want to feel great about themselves and what they do, make the effort to learn from sincere people who have made a path before them.  This special group of people are the true magicians and mentalists.  They study with mentors, take small group personal workshops, and join groups filled with people far more advanced than where they are currently.  They seek and find.

The rest, in due time, disappear.

So, please don’t be disheartened for mentalism and magic.  Eventually, they will take care of themselves.

The question is, what will you do? Where will you be with magic and mentalism a year from now?

It’s easier to learn from real mentors now than ever before, thanks to technology.  Modern times and tools don’t just make mentalism and magic weak.  Current technology allows sincere people to find real mentors, to balance out the superficial things happening online.  Now, more than ever, you can learn personally from some of the longstanding names in mentalism and magic.

The bottom line is that it is you who gets to choose.

I hope you will join us in advancing yourself, and the Mystery Arts.  Whether you study with me, or someone else, I do hope you will find a mentor to guide you along your way.  Mentalism and magic needs you, if you are sincere about them.

Kenton Knepper

P.S. Yes, I do teach through my website and membership programs these days.  There are three main mentoring programs, as well as my one-on-one Skype sessions and in-person instruction. The three mentoring programs are:  Kenton’s Inner Sanctum,   The Mind Reading Membership,  and the new  Wonder Words Membership.  Feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at if you need more help in deciding which ones are best for you. Together, we can make things better.