I have people write me often telling me they might want to join my Inner Sanctum, but they need to “warn” me that they may not really stay. They sometimes suggest they might not ever get around to doing anything in the Inner Sanctum other than look at some of the tricks.

To these people I always suggest they not bother applying to the Inner Sanctum.


I try to talk people out of joining the Inner Sanctum because only very sincere and open-minded persons can make it through some of the material.

The Inner Sanctum is for a rare few, and not for just anyone or everyone. I do not encourage people to join if they are not sure they will stay in.

Take a look again at what is said on the Inner Sanctum page and see if it is what you need:


People who want to live magic and mentalism, who want to go beyond just tricks, and are willing to look deep inside themselves to find the magic that is there, these are the people who love joining and staying in the Inner Sanctum.

Really, if you think you are curious or want to dabble, but think you might drop out, you are better off not joining at all.

You might be better served, at least for now, joining the Mind Reading Membership instead. Then, if you enjoy that, you might consider the Inner Sanctum, but again, only if you are willing to go to great lengths to live mentalism and magic.
So you can join the Inner Sanctum, but if you feel it might not be the right thing for you, then you might be better waiting to join it, and start with another one of my memberships instead.
Try perhaps joining the Mind Reading Membership first here:


That’s the short of it, but I will explain a more to help you decide for yourself.

In India there are many gurus, and some of them demonstrate special abilities. Tourists and curious people want to learn how to develop the special abilities they see a large number of the gurus demonstrate.

Some of the gurus are teachers of mere trickery.

Other teachers say the way to demonstrate these abilities is by not working towards the effects. They claim the abilities cannot come to those who want to learn the special tricks. These teachers say the only way to actually obtain the special abilities come from learning things that seem to have nothing to do with those abilities. That, they say, is part of the Mystery.

You can bet how few tourists and casual buyers are willing to study for a few years to learn what it takes to develop the actual abilities!

Instead, the tourists put their money down with those who claim to teach how to get these powers quickly. If tourists pay enough, they can learn the “real secrets” from the “schools of Mystery.”  What such tourists really get is fooled by some tricks, told to chant something that is not one of the real chants (the favorite one I ever heard about was Ba, Na, Naw. It took the dupes weeks to realize they were chanting “banana”), and shown how their teacher could suspend in mid-air (a trick magicians know all too well).

Meanwhile, in quiet ways, other students were practicing things that had apparently nothing to do with developing real abilities. Their teacher had them stretch their imagination and trust in many unusual ways. Over time, these Students were the ones who seemed to carry a powerful atmosphere, had a gentle presence people liked to be around, and helped people feel better, without apparently doing anything much at all.

The analogy is not perfect, but there are many correlations. Plenty of places exist where the curious and tourists of magic and mentalism can buy things they think look amazing. They get to have fake powers quickly, and get to boost their egos. That’s all they want, and that’s about all they get. Even applause is about boosting their self-esteem, not helping the masses do anything but become distracted.

Then there are those few people, who may not even know what it is that they want, but they know they are willing to go to great lengths to learn Something greater. They want to tap into something more, even though they don’t know what that, “Something” is yet.

They come to steep themselves in certain tools and ideas, to transform themselves for real, not for a week or two, to create an illusion.

That is some of what the Inner Sanctum is about, in truth.

I am holding a space that only a couple of people hold in every given age for magic and mentalism. Dr. Tarbell, Ormond McGill and S.H. Sharpe were a couple of the people who held the deeper, silent and secret space, for my generation. Now, it has been given to me to do my part to hold that secret place for those few who care and need more than mere tricks from magic and mentalism.

The Inner Sanctum has had everyone from far right-wing Christians to deeply held atheists as Students. Yet these positions held no deterrent to their growth and learning in the Inner Sanctum, as long as these Students were willing to keep an open mind, test things out, question and examine themselves honestly, and were able to imagine fiercely. At about the two year mark, Students move across a threshold it took me decades to discover.

I never make claims for the Inner Sanctum. I do not insist people join it. If people are unsure, I tell those people not to bother joining. If however someone feels an inner urge that it is time for them to join, or feel the need to go after Something deeper in magic and mentalism, then I am completely there for them.

There are plenty of teachers in magic and mentalism. Some even purport to teach “Mysteries”. The Inner Sanctum is for those willing to commit to being a part of something greater than themselves, their egos, and their performances.

I know what I was like as a kid. I know what I was after, but I couldn’t find the place for that teaching in any outside place. A few special teachers hinted at such places in books. For whatever reason, it has come to me to continue to hold a place to teach some of the inner teachings given to me, to other mentalists and magicians today.

Just know that if you want to join the Inner Sanctum so you can do great tricks and make your personality larger, you need not apply. I will surely discourage you from joining.

But if you want to join the Inner Sanctum because you have read the description, desire to be and do Something More, need to connect to the heart of magic and mentalism, and can keep a VERY open mind, then I am happy to have you.

You probably already know if you want to be a part of Something deeper in mentalism and magic. You already know in your heart whether tricks are all you are after. If you want Something More, I look forward to you joining us.

This is more than I ever thought I would openly say about the Inner Sanctum. I hope that being so direct will help those Students who have been waiting to find us, and let others who want to just learn outer abilities to find their way to my other memberships.

I am happy to answer questions if you still have concerns.  Just write to me at info@wonderwizards.com

Most Sincerely,

Kenton Knepper

The Inner Sanctum is for Mystery Performers only, and not for the general public. To learn more about it, or if you are ready to join, click HERE.

P.S. No matter when you join, you will get your very first lessons from the start. You will not miss out on previous lessons, no matter when you join.