Kenton Knepper

I cannot say enough that this is a time for LOVE.

Hatred and fear might be good for selling things, but they do not work longterm. They are not good for humanity. Without LOVE, life would not continue. Life could not go on by fear and hatred alone.

If you are in turmoil right now, if you want real change, work towards LOVE.

In the end, LOVE will win out. In the end LOVE will remain. In the end, LOVE works.

Fear and anger are short-term. LOVE is long term.

Share LOVE in the smallest and largest of ways. Help a friend, a neighbor, a stranger.

Hold the door open for someone. Smile at someone. Lift up a heavy item for someone, and you will lift their spirits too.

Small acts of real LOVE are far better than a barrage of fear and hatred. It is more difficult to LOVE sometimes, but you can do it.

Yes, this world is scared. The word “sacred” and the word “scared” are built of the same letters, put into a new arrangement. Don’t become scar-ed. Reorganize your mind, and yourself, to LOVE.

LOVE regardless. LOVE anyway. Stand up for what you believe is truly right in your heart of hearts. Then choose LOVE.

LOVE changes things longterm.

Make the entire world great again.

Choose LOVE.

Kenton Knepper

P.S. If you are having trouble getting to a place where you can choose a more loving approach, just CLICK HERE or go to the link below for free help: