“No one needs a teacher anymore. Anything you want you can Google it or learn it for free on Youtube. 

Only people who can’t do something, teaches.”

These are the thoughts of the oh-so-wise who don’t want to have to hassle learning anything.  They don’t yet know what a hassle it is to learn without real guidance.

Many of the greats in any art form later become teachers. Those performers realize how what they know can help speed up the learning curve of people who follow after them.

People who truly change things longterm, and shake things up in their art form, love to teach. The catch is, they won’t teach just anyone.

The real insiders teach what they know to people committed to learning. They don’t teach everything they know for free on Youtube. Why not? Because teaching the real work can’t be done that way.

The reason I began teaching in my own schools and memberships is so that I could help people get to the inner secrets in a step-by-step way. People need to know where to start, how to take the next step, and how to move along after those first few steps too.

Imagine if I told you I put everything online about how to build a car. I even put up how to  make your own steel, plastic, do wiring, make the computer for the car–everything. The only catch was that these videos were not in order. Do you think you would successfully go through all the videos and then try to figure out which one goes first, or tenth, or fiftieth, and then build a real, solid, reliable car?

Strangely, that’s what people think you can do, when it comes to magic, mentalism, inner growth, spiritual work or making memorable art.

Little wonder we have so many people who are confused, stuck, and don’t know what to do next to achieve their desires, needs, goals and dreams.

We have teachers, hopefully ones who know great, deeper, inside things, who are there to take us by the hand and walk us through the steps we need, to help us get where we want to go. That’s important. Why?

I have thousands of dollars that I put in an envelope for you. You just have to go get it. It’s by a bridge. But not at the bridge. You have to travel down a highway. You have to take a left. You have to go downtown. You have to go through New York city, but don’t stay there, because the envelope is not there. It’s under the tree. It’s by a bench. It can be very cold. It can be very, very hot. Look for signs 101, 202, 60, 10. Those are your road signs other than the places I mentioned. Take a swim. Unwrap it. Get the package. Get the sandwich by the counter. Look in the other compartment.

So, I have given you all the information. The trouble is, it is not in order, step by step, so you’ll probably never find that money.

That, is why you need a real teacher who knows the way, step by step.

So sure, you can spend a lot more time and money spinning your wheels to get to the place where you know some of what a real teacher knows, but why would you put yourself through all that? A teacher, if they are really good, can help get you to where you want to go, step by step. It may take a little time, but remember it will take you much more time if you try to sort through it all yourself, or with a few friends trying to do the same thing.

So if you are very fortunate, and can find a teacher who knows what you want to know, grab them while you can.

It will help you get to where you want to go quicker than a hundred free videos, and it will actually cost you less in the long run too.

I take students, one on one, and in small groups, for these reasons. There are others too, but those are for my students to find out.

Whether you come meet with me in person, meet with me in online video instruction, or meet with me in my membership schools, you will learn everything from Wonder Words, to Mind Reading, to Real Mystery in a step by step manner.

I look forward to helping you speed up your own learning, helping you get to greater depths, and heights.

That is why I teach, after all.

Kenton Knepper


P.S. You can currently get in to the Mind Reading, Wonder Words and Inner Sanctum memberships right now. These memberships are now open to new students. Go to my website for more information, or drop us a line at info@wonderwizards.com if you have questions about one on one training. See you soon!